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fall and football

i think fall will be here in full force this weekend.  tomorrow’s high is in the 50’s, and it’s predicted to get down to the 30’s at night.  perfect football weather.

this weekend we’ll be tailgating with the parents, who are rushing to get here right now – not to begin celebrating the big game this weekend, not to beat the traffic, and not even to see and hang out with us – their children – but to see lil baby.  can’t blame them though.

jonah will be making his first tailgate appearance this weekend.  i think he’s ready.


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berries and babies

didn’t think we’d be able to fit it in this summer, but on the last day of their season ross and i took jonah on his first blueberry picking adventure.  the farm is out in craig county and the drive down rt. 42 is beautiful.  jonah was a super trooper, and when he got hungry, i just hunkered down in an empty aisle and fed him in the shade of the bushes.  between the two of us, we gleaned the better part of a gallon of blueberries (not as many as last year) from the picked over bushes. then we got to pick them all over again because ross set the bucket on the hood of my car and they slid off.

having blueberries for my cereal this morning made it all worthwhile.

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work update

so since my last frantic post i’ve worked in the office on three separate occasions – and each time it got a little easier to get everything on my to-do list done, get enough sleep, and drop jonah off (at some very loving friend’s houses by the way) without having an emotional breakdown.  I’ve been blessed with a go-with-the-flow baby:  he napped, smiled, and took a bottle for his babysitters, so in hindsight i was worried for nothing.

being away from the little babe for just one workday really helped me to not feel overwhelmed and will be a great stepping stone for the month of july when i go back just 3 days a week, gearing up for august when i’ll be back full-time.  hopefully that transition will go smoothly and i can feel at ease about the great care i know he’ll be getting.  pray pray pray

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going in for a day of work tomorrow.  freaking out.  so much to do.  jonah going to the babysitter for the first time and without having 100% successfully taken a bottle, i hope he doesn’t have a meltdown and refuse to eat all day.  still have to pack up his bag, his food, extra clothes and diapers, pack a lunch for me, take a shower, pick out clothes, and try to get some sleep before dropping off little baby at 8am. freaking out freaking out freaking out.

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takes a little while

there are milestones in life that are hard to grasp at first – even though they’ve been coming for a while and, in all actuality, haven’t taken you by surprise.

for example:

“wait.  i just graduated college.  so you’re telling me i actually have to go out and find a job now?”


“i just said ‘I Do’ and I know i’ve got this huge diamond on my finger, but are we actually, really, legitimately married?!”

or one i just recently experienced

“i knew there was a kid in there these past 9 months, but now that he’s out and looking at me, it’s finally hit me that i have a son!”

so this past sunday was a similar feeling:  lots of people wishing me a happy mother’s day, but me finding it hard to come to grips with the fact that i was in fact a mother.  so wonderful once i embraced it.  but it just takes a little while to sink in.

and here’s what jonah got me for mother’s day:

feeling just as confused as i did?

i have to hand it to jonah.  he really went the clever route with this present, giving it to me in “clues” that i had to put together to guess the gift.  what you’re looking at is a piece of wood, a little bit of plastic, and a piece of lettuce.

really comin’ together for you now, isn’t it?


yeah, me neither.  but then i finally put it together:  my gift was the construction of my very own hoophouse!! (aka, a greenhouse with no fancy bells and whistles)    ross and i have been talking about building one for a couple of years and it seems that this year it’ll actually happen.  simply put, this guy will enable me to start plants earlier, keep plants growing longer into the fall/winter, and help me grow better heat-loving plants like peppers and tomatoes.  we’re still in the planning stages now, but i’ll document the whole process over at almost eden.  can’t wait. what a super first mother’s day!

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back on track

quick update:  after a few day hiatus where i wasn’t sure why my blog could not be found, we’ve discovered the problem, gotten it fixed and are now back in business.  turns out you have to renew both your wordpress AND your google domain account each year – who woulda thought?

so now i’m back on track and almost ready to post on some of the recent happenings here at the wilsie cottage.

and now some random pictures making me happy right now:


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not your typical january post

so i know my last post was a recap of christmas and new year’s, but this post is going to skip straight to summer.

because i’m weird, or hormonal, or just love a good deal, i just bought this:

for $15.

originally $60.

AND i found a free shipping coupon code.

so come july when i have a 3 month old to tote around as well as several extra post-baby pounds, i’ll at least be able to feel classy in my super slimming, super affordable bathing suit.

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