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jonah lately 3

we’ve been having a lot of fun in the wilsie household lately.  it’s true, our life revolves predominantly around a routine.  and those time are precious:  getting ready in the morning (sometimes frantically), getting off of work and picking jonah up from the babysitter, picking up the house/making dinner/general family chill out time until jonah’s bedtime at 9, getting ready for the next day and doing it all over again.  

but then there are also the random fun things we’ve been able to do:  two trips to the pool, lunches out after church, youthlings over for dinner or movie nights, a long road trip down to florida.

life has taken on a different pace but it’s not the devastating blow that i was anticipating.  we actually have fun together!

sure i still have a pasty white body because leisurely laying out and basking in the sun just didn’t fit into the itinerary this summer.  it’s typically frowned upon for newborns to have golden tans.

but i got to discover that our town has a community pool (i never knew!) and see jonah’s face the first time i carried him out into the ocean.  he was so chill!

and when we took the youth group to king’s dominion this year i got so excited about when we’d be able to take jonah on his first roller coaster
and hey, who wouldn’t be greatful to the person who’s single-handedly gotten me back to less than my pre-pregnancy weight?  woot woot nursing!
plus he’s just SO. DARN. CUTE that i can’t get over it!  so let’s see, what else can i pretend to talk about when really you’re only reading this post to see pictures of jonah…
maybe the fact that he now reaches for things and puts them in his mouth.  and tonight, when we were out at a company picnic for ross’s work, we met another little baby who looked a lot like jonah from a distance – very close in size, similar facial expressions, etc.  – the kid was EIGHT MONTHS OLD. whaaat?  jonah’s not even 5 months – it was a huge wakeup call that our child is very large.  i guess that was his 90th percentile in action.
and there is just something completely and utterly magical about the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  its like crack to a drug addict – all the troubles of the world just melt away and he is completely mesmerized.  this came in incredibly handy for the few times he decided that 10 hours nonstop in a car was in fact, NOT high on his list of fun.  magic, i tell you.
so that’s what’s going on in our lives right now.  a little bit of work, a lot of routine, some drooling and biting, looots of giggling, and some fun family adventures thrown in too.  my new goal in life is to find a used bike trailer so we can hook jonah onto one of our bikes and take a few trips down the huckleberry or new river trail before it gets too cold.
AND:  a sneak peek at the cousins! we’re working on more pictures that we took at the beach* last weekend. (anna: almost 3, jonah 20 weeks, luke 15 weeks)
* – not to be confused with vacation.  ross’s grandfather passed away and we made the long trip down to florida for the funeral and to be with family.

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the morning routine

the usual morning routine: creep in to stare at sleeping baby.  flip baby carefully onto back.  wait for the smile. heart melts.

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back from belize

two weeks ago, ross took some youth group kids, along with about a dozen others from our church, on a mission trip to belize.  i pouted the whole time about not being able to go, but with jonah being so small, and belize being a foreign country, it was the right decision to stay behind.  jonah and i road-tripped to my parents’ for most of the week and had a fun and relaxing time with the fam.

meanwhile in belize, ross was braving the wet season – meaning rain every day and a million percent humidity, replacing tin roofs, bathing in deet bug spray, getting schooled in soccer by the local kids, and having some incredible prayer and worship times.  apparently it was a great time, with lots of relationships built.  both of the emails ross was able to send during the week contained phrases such as “next time when we’re here together” or “wish you were here to experience this…next time you will!”  so i’m thinking i’ll get the chance sooner or later to see what it was all about for myself.  i’m really looking forward to the day when we can do mission trips as a family – the experience of ross and i serving alongside jonah as he learns what it means to share his faith – can’t. wait.

and now for some pics from my week in PG – which i’m starting to realize after looking back at these, means:  pictures of jonah.

and for all the pictures from ross’s trip to belize, check out those here.

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mini mountain vacation

a few weeks ago, the tomko fam came together for a little mini family vacation.  for almost every year of my life, family vacation has been:  the 28th week of the year, in kill devil hills, milepost 7.5, at the golden strand condos with the grandparents and cousins.  but this year i’ll be just getting back to work from maternity leave and won’t be able to make it to the beach.  so some sort of family togetherness time was called for, and a long weekend in the mountains was just what we needed.

and it just so happens that we live in the mountains!  it was so nice to go on “vacation” and only have to drive about 40 minutes.  our cabin was in beautiful giles county on walker creek.

friday night we just hung out, had homemade tacos for dinner, and played some ping pong, kinect, and mexican train dominoes


on saturday, we packed up a picnic lunch and headed to the cascades for a hike (jonah’s first!!)

even though the trail is in shade, jonah and i got pretty hot since i was wearing him.  but he was such a trooper, and we were all rewarded once we got to the top and got to cool off at the falls.

with her trusty walking pole, a cool bandana, and an olympic-like attitude, even momma tomko made it to the top!

i don’t have any pictures of it, but we ate dinner at the Palisades on saturday night – an amazing old hardware store turned restaurant in the middle of nowhere.  yet without our reservations, we would’ve never gotten a table.  the food is fabulous and i know it was the perfect reward for hiking 4 miles.

on sunday morning after breakfast, ross, dad, and i took a walk down the road our cabin was on.  then we had a little praise and worship jam session and a family devotion back at the house before settling back into some more dominoes.

jonah sure got loved on by everyone.  aside from feeding him, i barely got to hold the kid all weekend!

the long weekend was over way too soon, so hopefully we can have a repeat really soon.

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jonah lately

jonah is a stomach sleeper.  we realized this after his first “tummy time” in which he fell dead asleep the instant we laid him down.  so during the day, 99.9% of the time i lay jonah on his back, it’s his awake time:  he just wiggles his arms and legs around and checks out his surroundings.  but this time the little guy passed right out, spread eagle.

its also quite common that a few minutes after picking up a crying jonah (who has either refused to take a nap or just woken up from one), he’ll fall asleep on me within a few minutes.  silly little baby.

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if just a regular old picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture capturing your 5 week-old son’s elusive smile has got to be worth at least 1001. right?

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happy family

at the beginning of march, the tomko clan and the lescanec clan got together for a day of family togetherness/family workday projects.  last christmas, the siblings all chipped in for an electric fence to put around papa’s garden since the deer had pretty much demolished it last year.  and if we know anything about papa, it’s that from about march to november, his happiness hinges on how much he can get done in the garden.  so garden 2K10 did not make him a happy camper.  so it was decided that the fam would all get together one weekend to install the fence and just spend some quality time together.

thankfully, our family togetherness day fell on an unseasonably mild march morning, and while the boys were outside exerting their muscles, the girls were inside completing Mission: Clean the Kitchen.  we had such a great day together!!

we took a break for a scrumptious homemade lunch

mission: clean the kitchen in full swing.  there are also some pretty amusing videos below.  they should have been edited to look crisp and pretty, but when you have a baby, you learn that sometimes if you wait for things to be pretty, they never get done at all.  so here they are in all they’re unedited glory.  (the rest of the pictures can be found here)

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