work update

so since my last frantic post i’ve worked in the office on three separate occasions – and each time it got a little easier to get everything on my to-do list done, get enough sleep, and drop jonah off (at some very loving friend’s houses by the way) without having an emotional breakdown.  I’ve been blessed with a go-with-the-flow baby:  he napped, smiled, and took a bottle for his babysitters, so in hindsight i was worried for nothing.

being away from the little babe for just one workday really helped me to not feel overwhelmed and will be a great stepping stone for the month of july when i go back just 3 days a week, gearing up for august when i’ll be back full-time.  hopefully that transition will go smoothly and i can feel at ease about the great care i know he’ll be getting.  pray pray pray



going in for a day of work tomorrow.  freaking out.  so much to do.  jonah going to the babysitter for the first time and without having 100% successfully taken a bottle, i hope he doesn’t have a meltdown and refuse to eat all day.  still have to pack up his bag, his food, extra clothes and diapers, pack a lunch for me, take a shower, pick out clothes, and try to get some sleep before dropping off little baby at 8am. freaking out freaking out freaking out.

jonah lately

jonah is a stomach sleeper.  we realized this after his first “tummy time” in which he fell dead asleep the instant we laid him down.  so during the day, 99.9% of the time i lay jonah on his back, it’s his awake time:  he just wiggles his arms and legs around and checks out his surroundings.  but this time the little guy passed right out, spread eagle.

its also quite common that a few minutes after picking up a crying jonah (who has either refused to take a nap or just woken up from one), he’ll fall asleep on me within a few minutes.  silly little baby.

taking the plunge

i don’t know why, but the first “baby” purchase ross and i made after finding out we were pregnant were cloth diapers.  sexy, huh?

cloth diapering isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but ross and i were both on board for the savings to both the planet and our bank account, so we went for it.  our final decision was made after hours and hours and hours of research – which, if for no other reason, may be enough to turn someone off from the idea, but for us it just meant that there were a lot of great options out there and probably no “wrong answer”.

i’m not going to go into a full post on what all the options are (google provides endless articles on the subject), but for us, we narrowed down our search to a few key criteria:

– one size.  buying multiple sets of cloth diapers completely negated them being cheaper than disposables, so we knew we wanted to buy one set that would last us from start to finish with all future wilsie bambinos.

– all in ones. we didn’t want to mess with several different layers or plasticy, shower-cap feeling covers.  i just wanted one whole diaper that could be used,

so once we figured that out, our favorite brands turned out to be BumGenius and FuzziBunz.  both had one-size, all-in-one options in fun colors for almost the same price.  we really could have gone either way, but in the end we chose the fuzzibunz because in addition to the different sizing snaps, they had adjustable elastic in the legs and the waist, which really seemed to help make them fit snugly and would hopefully help prevent any leaks.

for better or worse, it just so happens that this combination (the one-size all-in-ones) of cloth diapers are the most expensive.  but for us, it seemed like a great investment if they were a one-time purchase that would last us for the diapering lifespan of all of our kids.  so we scoured the internet for the best deal and finally found an ebay store selling 18 brand new fuzzibunz (in our choice of colors) for cheaper than retail.  so we handed over the credit card and the decision was made.

fast forward to today.  we made the decision to use 7th generation disposable diapers for the first couple weeks of jonah’s life, which gave us a chance to ease into parenthood and gave jonah a chance to grow just a little bit so the diapers wouldn’t completely swallow him.  but tonight we decided to take the plunge and make the switch to cloth diapering full-time.  (will he ever be in a disposable diaper again? of course.  we’re not going to be nazis about the whole situation, but want to make a conscious effort to cloth diaper more than not).  after a few weeks of getting the perfect “system” down, i’ll write another post with how we’re doing, but for now, here’s out roly-poly, big-tushied boy in his cloth diapered finest.

takes a little while

there are milestones in life that are hard to grasp at first – even though they’ve been coming for a while and, in all actuality, haven’t taken you by surprise.

for example:

“wait.  i just graduated college.  so you’re telling me i actually have to go out and find a job now?”


“i just said ‘I Do’ and I know i’ve got this huge diamond on my finger, but are we actually, really, legitimately married?!”

or one i just recently experienced

“i knew there was a kid in there these past 9 months, but now that he’s out and looking at me, it’s finally hit me that i have a son!”

so this past sunday was a similar feeling:  lots of people wishing me a happy mother’s day, but me finding it hard to come to grips with the fact that i was in fact a mother.  so wonderful once i embraced it.  but it just takes a little while to sink in.

and here’s what jonah got me for mother’s day:

feeling just as confused as i did?

i have to hand it to jonah.  he really went the clever route with this present, giving it to me in “clues” that i had to put together to guess the gift.  what you’re looking at is a piece of wood, a little bit of plastic, and a piece of lettuce.

really comin’ together for you now, isn’t it?


yeah, me neither.  but then i finally put it together:  my gift was the construction of my very own hoophouse!! (aka, a greenhouse with no fancy bells and whistles)    ross and i have been talking about building one for a couple of years and it seems that this year it’ll actually happen.  simply put, this guy will enable me to start plants earlier, keep plants growing longer into the fall/winter, and help me grow better heat-loving plants like peppers and tomatoes.  we’re still in the planning stages now, but i’ll document the whole process over at almost eden.  can’t wait. what a super first mother’s day!


if just a regular old picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture capturing your 5 week-old son’s elusive smile has got to be worth at least 1001. right?

happy family

at the beginning of march, the tomko clan and the lescanec clan got together for a day of family togetherness/family workday projects.  last christmas, the siblings all chipped in for an electric fence to put around papa’s garden since the deer had pretty much demolished it last year.  and if we know anything about papa, it’s that from about march to november, his happiness hinges on how much he can get done in the garden.  so garden 2K10 did not make him a happy camper.  so it was decided that the fam would all get together one weekend to install the fence and just spend some quality time together.

thankfully, our family togetherness day fell on an unseasonably mild march morning, and while the boys were outside exerting their muscles, the girls were inside completing Mission: Clean the Kitchen.  we had such a great day together!!

we took a break for a scrumptious homemade lunch

mission: clean the kitchen in full swing.  there are also some pretty amusing videos below.  they should have been edited to look crisp and pretty, but when you have a baby, you learn that sometimes if you wait for things to be pretty, they never get done at all.  so here they are in all they’re unedited glory.  (the rest of the pictures can be found here)