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we took advantage of the brief warm spell (in the 50’s!) this weekend and went for a walk at pandapas pond with the dogs.  there were lots of other people out with their dogs as well, so our two weren’t able to be off-leash as much as they like to be and the trails were super muddy, but it was a beautiful day and i’m so glad we were able to get outside for change.

can you tell someone someone else was very excited to be running around outside? (and yes, she’s running around on the frozen pond)


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anniversary pictures 2k10

i’m back to share a few pictures from our anniversary weekend.  we got in around dinnertime on thursday night, got the pups all settled in, and started on dinner…

…nothing fancy, just some ravioli and broccoli risotto

after clearing out an entire paper grocery bag full of ashes, ross got a nice fire going.  the cabin didn’t have any heat, just a few well-placed space heaters and this nice fireplace.

the cabin’s cozy kitchen

this is probably the “wait – did you say dinner?” face

the next morning, after sleeping in and making some pancakes and eggs for breakfast, we finally released the dogs to jump into the creek running directly behind the house.  needless to say, they didn’t need to be asked twice to hop in.

across the street, the cabin’s property had a few short walking trails that we tried to make the most of – it was a gorgeous day and perfect for spending outdoors

we took a break for lunch back at the house and just hung out around the house to read and relax.  ross even set up a hammock down by the creek and of course the dogs got back into the water for the second time that day

two miles down the road was a camp with a fun hiking trail up to a small waterfall, so we loaded everyone back up and made the trip.  the hike wasn’t difficult at all and we were able to casually stop for pictures, let the dogs off leash, and just enjoy the day

it’s not the Cascades, but still really beautiful and peaceful

it took a few tries, but here’s a nice family pic in front of the waterfall.  in the end, it was the most relaxing weekend we’d had in a long long time and all without leaving our region.  we’ve already talked about finding another excuse to spend a night or two at this cabin.

too funny not to share:  yes, there is a claw-foot tub in the bedroom.

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like peas and carrots

just another night with rosie and jackson.  jackson steals rosie’s bed.  rosie pouts.  then jackson spoons with his big sis and all is forgiven.  the end.




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the little one

jackson. 9 weeks old.

jackson.  11 weeks old.

look familiar?

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lots of things going on lately.

we are still without a niece, but she could be with us any day now. (!)

fall is sloowly creeping into the valley.  no real leaf color changes yet, but our nights have been cooling off more and more (one of my favorite things about fall) and the days are getting shorter (my least favorite part)

ross and i attended our first Hokie football game of the season (:: huge sigh of nostalgia::) – and what a game it was.  tailgating with fam and friends, the stadium crammed with 69,000 orange-clad fans, screaming till i’m hoarse on defense and screaming silently in my head on offense.

attempting a fall garden this year.  the seeds are in, now we just need to get ourselves in gear and plant them.

puppy #2 growing bigger all the time.  he’s so snuggly and mellow i almost forget he’s only 13 weeks old.

a great trip last week to the Farmer’s Market.  another thing I’ll miss once it gets really cold.  :: tomatoes, potatoes, squash, basil, greens, dill, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and the last of sweet summer corn::

reading the Great Prayer Adventure by David Jeremiah.  prayer is such a powerful thing – i know because i’ve seen it work – and yet i don’t get excited about it like i should.

our small youth group is still hanging in there.  although i love structure, we let go of it last week and spent the whole time playing a hilarious game of “Psychiatrist.”  My defense is that fellowship is a crucial part of the faith.  🙂  Did Jesus not laugh sometimes with his disciples?  I’d like to think He did.

happy monday everyone.

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we spoke too soon

right as we were deciding to not bring little molly home with us, we realized something: we still wanted another dog. it all happened so fast, but i think that i happened to find an ad in the Roanoke Times about a litter of black and yellow lab puppies, so i called the number and they had exactly one black male who just happened to be the cheapest in the litter. one meeting in a fincastle gas station parking lot (that sounded kinda sketchy) and we were sold. one week later we brought this little guy home and the *fun* of puppy training, housebreaking, getting up at 3 hour intervals all night long for two weeks, and wishing we could just make a voice recording of the word “NO!” began all over again.

without further ado, meet Jackson:

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the verdict

for an update on our potential new pup: we thought and talked and discussed and haggled and thought some more and in the end we just decided little molly wasn’t the perfect pup for us. and that was really hard for this dog lover to do. so rosie is sisterless yet again.

the bottom line is there is a puppy in our future and when we come across him or her, we’ll know.

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